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Home Country:
Burma / Myanmar

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Roselle paste with Shrimp

"When I was in Burma, by nine or ten years old we would have to learn how to start cooking already.... When I first started cooking for my dad, I was trying to make a sour soup, so I was using mango. And I put lemongrass as well. And I didn't know what I was doing, but I put that together. and when my dad came home and ate the food, he laughed. And it was funny to him. But he said "When you cook a sour soup, you don't put lemongrass in the soup!"

What does a typical family dinner look like in your home?

"The dinner table would look like there's a plate of vegetables, there's a plate of rice, there's plates of stew or curry, and there's a bowl of soup. And then there's chili paste."