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Message In a Bottle

Hello out there

This is a confusing and difficult time in Chapel Hill and in the world. To slow the spread of COVID-19, we must isolate ourselves in our homes and distance ourselves from the places and activities that usually make up our days. Our strange shared mission is solitude.

As a result, we’re starting to live our lives in totally unfamiliar ways—working from home, diving deeper and longer into dinner conversations, home-schooling our kids, and taking up new activities that we otherwise wouldn’t have found the time or space for.

As audio storytellers, we at Re/Collecting Chapel Hill want to explore creative ways to connect our community by collecting stories and sounds of the way lives are changing and people are feeling in and around Chapel Hill

So tell us your news. Share something that’s bringing you joy. We want to hear it all. This may turn into a short podcast series, or it may simply end up being an audio record of this challenging and curious time.

You can just hit the button below to record your message or leave us voicemail at ‪(919) 960-1736‬.