The Quiet


The mission of Re/Collecting Chapel Hill is to share stories of our community’s history from the inside out and bottom up. Usually, that means sharing stories from the past, in the voices of the people who lived that history. We’re not totally sure how to document and share history of the present moment.Real talk. It’s feeling like a lot right now. Kids are home. Grownups are home. We’re all trying to figure out how to do this thing, settling in for the long haul. At the podcast, we’re thinking about how we can best serve our community and history. We don’t know, not yet. But we’d love to keep hearing your voices. The messages we’ve received over the past week were sometimes scared, sometimes funny. We’re going to share those messages with you today.

And you out there, listening. You are the living history we want to hear. Tell us what’s changed in your world. Tell us about the quiet.

You can just hit the button below to record your message or leave us voicemail at ‪(919) 960-1736‬.

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