Vivian Foushee

Vivian Foushee was part of the last graduating class of Orange County Training School. She still has fond memories of her teachers there, who all seemed to care about her success. Her parents also pushed her academically, and insisted that she attend college. In 1951 Ms. Foushee began attending North Carolina Central in Durham, North Carolina. From a young age, Mrs. Foushee sought a career in social work. She had been inspired by grandmother's praise for a local social worker who often came by. Upon graduating from college, Mrs. Foushee spent the next fifteen years as a caseworker in the welfare department, handling a variety of cases. She remained involved in the community in Chapel Hill and was a vocal participant in the desegregation movement in the 1960s. Along with two colleagues, Ms. Foushee established Psychology Associates, the private social work practice where she has worked ever since.

Ms. Foushee discusses her work on Public Housing:

Interview conducted by Danita Mason-Hogans at Chapel Hill Public Library, 2018.