Theresa Watson

Theresa Watson has a passion for helping young people get to college – and that passion doesn’t stop in the classroom. When she noticed that the youth she mentored often showed up hungry, she began to prepare extra food for them. “I just take pans of food over there so the kids can eat…if they got hungry they had no …

Stephanie Terry

Ms. Terry on her motivation for community organizing: Ms. Terry on how her organizing work began:

Karen Reid

Ms. Reid describes her equity work with the school system:

Juanita Alston

From a young age, Ms. Juanita Alston was taught the difference between right and wrong. Her father was a minister, and her mother impressed on her the importance of treating everyone with compassion and generosity. With these incredible role models, Ms. Alston rose her voice to challenge segregation, and as a teenager, joined the blossoming civil rights movement in Chapel …

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Betty Geer

When the Civil Rights Movement came to North Carolina, Betty Baldwin Geer was ready for it. She was raised in Chapel Hill with a strong sense of responsibility to her community, pride in herself, and dedication to do what’s right. These values were instilled by her parents and reinforced by her church, St. Joseph Christian Methodist Church, where Ms. Geer …

Anna Richards

Although Anna Richards came to Chapel Hill later in life, she has been a major organizing force for equality in the community. As president of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro NAACP, Richards has pushed the organization to advocate for education equality, police reform, voter education and a number of other issues affecting marginalized groups locally. Ms. Richards was raised with a commitment …

Collene R. Rogers

Ms. Rogers tells a story about students demanding better supplies at Lincoln:  Ms. Rogers on being a foster mother: