Chicken & Potato Curry

“When I lived in Malaysia, my mother-in-law, San Dee’s mom, taught me how to make chicken curry.” -Saw Ang Lin “Most of the Burmese people they like curry foods like chicken curry, like pork curry. That’s why I choose the chicken curry and potato….We make the curry food all the meat. Like beef. Chicken curry…. fish curry. Tilapia, sometimes catfish. …

Yangon Mohinga

Yangon Mohinga

“Today is our country traditional soup. That’s called Mohinga. Yes. Too many kinds of Mohinga, but that is only Yangon Mohinga. Yangon is a city….Every breakfast and celebration–birthday and holidays–we cooked [Mohinga].” Ingredients 1) For the broth, mix roasted rice powder with cold water and mix chickpea powder with cold water. Add both to boiling water. You can also use …

Ma Yu Thin

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